Sunday, 23 May 2010

Westminster City Council has been in the firing line for the mis-handling of its new £50 million parking and enforcement contract.

The contract came up for renewal over 6 months ago, and the FTSE support group company Mouchel won the four year contract. Mouchel then announced to its shareholders, “It has been confirmed that we have been appointed as preferred bidder in Westminster, the largest on-street parking enforcement and city management service contract in Europe. The commission is for a four-year period (extendable to six).”

Unfortunately for Mouchel there was a flaw in the tendering process, which was spotted by the Conservative run Westminster Council’s own legal team, and Mouchel was stripped of the contract. The whole tendering process had to begin again, costing Westminster tax payers over £1.1 million. Now Mouchel and APCOA, who had also bid for contract, are considering a legal challenge after Westminster City Council decided to award the contract to NSL, who had previously serviced the contract over the past seven years.

This whole process has sparked an out-cry from Labour leader Paul Dimoldenberg and Westminster tax payers alike, but Danny Chalkley, Westminster's cabinet member for city management, did not respond to calls.

Where are you Mr. Chalkley?

Interestingly, NSL is the contractor that runs the taxi feeder park at Heathrow, and parking enforcement for Hammersmith council. NSL is the parking and enforcement company that used to be known as NCP. It’s nice to be loved!

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