Friday, 9 July 2010

If you want to book a taxi online via the BAA website you will be directed to the Heathrow Taxis website.

Heathrow Taxis claim that they are "The official Taxi Provider for Heathrow", but when you click on the link for "booking" you are asked to leave your details as this service is not yet available!!!
So what do you do? Well, most people will then go back to the BAA web page that directed them to Heathrow Taxis, and find that there is an alternative in the form of either Addison Lee, for a minicab, or Tristar Cars, for a limo.

"I think I'll go for the minicab, because I've heard of Addison Lee."

The Heathrow Taxis website went live in March 2010, but it is still not possible to book a taxi on this site four months later! If this is an example of how the "official taxi provider for Heathrow" operates, it's no wonder that taxi drivers are waiting longer than ever before they can get a job at Heathrow. Not only that, but one of the directors of Heathrow Taxis is also the only person that BAA talks to when it is time to discuss the issue of how much taxi drivers have to pay to ply for hire at Heathrow. At present the drivers pay a whopping £6.30 every time they pick up a job at Heathrow, thanks to Mr. Colin Evans of Heathrow Taxis, the official provider of taxis!!!

I can only hope that drivers are happy with the representation they receive at the hands of Mr. Evans.

Double "left click" on the Heathrow Taxis image above, and then "click" once again to enlarge the image.

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