Sunday, 2 May 2010

Hey Ho, this trade is in a awful mess!

We really need to get to grips with some of the major issues that are affecting us.

  1. Touting, everywhere: The authorities don't seem that bothered!
  2. In-trade fighting: This is so unnecessary.
  3. Our image: How do we sort THAT out?
  4. Our relationship with the PCO hierarchy.
  5. Illegal Mini-Cab ranks.
  6. The PHV bus-lane campaign. John Griffin of Ad Lee is the main campaigner, and he has a very strong political lobby! Where are you Bob Oddy?
  7. United Trade Group: Only seem interested in preserving their own little empires to the detriment of the trade as a whole; very sad!
This is just a handful of the problems, anyone care to add to the list?


  1. Great Blog.

    For me the 2 most important issues we should be focusing on are...

    1. Satellite offices.

    2. Removing Bob Oddy from the board of TfL, and installing our own elected representive, 1 badge 1 vote.

    Satellite offices have allowed the scbas to steal all our work, and Bob Oddy is sitting there saying nothing while our trade is being destroyed.

    Both must go asap!


  2. Oh look, its the EDL Nazi.

    Who cares what you and a dozen keyboard warriors think dizzy. Nice sunglasses and hat by the way, getting scared to show your face?

  3. I don't mind genuine criticism on this blog, but unfounded insults and outragious accusations will be deleted in the future.

    If you want to indulge in this type of thing, dizzydestroyer, I would ask you to do it somewhere else. Otherwise you are welcome to make any rational comments, but please keep your accusations and insults to yourself.