Thursday, 6 May 2010

John Mason! Good cop, bad cop?

John Mason, the Director of Taxi and Private Hire, has made a new post on the London Taxi Drivers Forum (LTDF) under the username of masojon. In his post he appears to be "offering the trade out" with a veiled threat!!!

In his most recent post he states; ".....if you want a split, then by all means, lobby and do what you want to get a split and seek to have a Director of Taxi and another for Private Hire.........With seperate Directorates you would have two different people with prehaps two different agendas, one who is totally focused on PH the other on Taxis. Like it or not, I'm responsibe for both and for me thats the best way forward. "(sic)

This is the first time I have witnessed the boss of the Carriage Office getting "shirty" with taxi drivers in a public place! Could this be the end of his Honeymoon period in his role as Director? Only time will tell!

John Mason, Director of Taxi and Private Hire.

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