Saturday, 29 May 2010

Police Brutality At Taxi Drivers' Demo?

The unbelievable scenes that we witness in the video clip below were taken from a peaceful demonstration of London Taxi Drivers on Wednesday 26th of May 2010.
What security issue was this police officer addressing when he brutally arrested this taxi driver? Was he concerned that a member of the public was about to be attacked? Did he think that the taxi driver was carrying an explosive device? Did he think the taxi driver was about to drive his taxi at innocent by-standers and injure people?

No! This taxi driver's "crime" was to respond to a motorist who had just shouted out "London taxi drivers are wankers" with the response "Who are you calling a wanker?" This spurred the bully-boy cop to treat him as if he was about to blow up the Houses of Parliament. The taxi driver, John Melville, suffered a broken wrist at the hands of this vicious thug, and is unlikely to be able to work for sometime due to his injuries.

What made this lowly bobby react in such an aggressive manner to such a trivial comment? My guess is that police officers who attended this demo were briefed by their superiors to come down hard on any breaches of the law; that this is just a bunch of troublesome cabbies and you don't have to worry too much about them because they are not a politically sensitive group of people. In other words, they are just a bunch of cab drivers so don't worry about anyone jumping up and down in their defence.

Well this brutal incident should be pursued through the courts and no apologies from the police should be accepted, in my opinion, because this is far too serious.

Let me have a stab at what might be at stake here. First of all, this is an unlawful arrest. Secondly, it is GBH because the victim suffered a broken wrist, and last, but not least, the driver was unlawfully detained in a police vehicle.

All three of these offences carry very serious penalties, and this police thug should feel the full weight of the courts. He is a disgrace to the Metropolitan Police, and he is an affront to all decent citizens of our capital city.


  1. also the driver who moved the taxi was breaking the law by moving the taxi with out wearing his seat belt

  2. Unfortunately this kind of thing appears to be the MO for the police. This case was actually quite mild for the kind of treatment they dish out to demonstrators and its only a few months since they caused the death of a fella who just happened to be walking in the City while a demonstration was taking place in the area. This wasn't the first death at the hands of the police either.

    Too many police oficers think they are above the law rather than upholders of it. Sad to say the cab driver in question will have almost no chance of a complaint being dealt with properly.

    Next time they open the head of a tree-hugger we may now have more open minds about what went on and maybe we can avoid becoming a police state.
    Micky W

  3. I was at this demo and there was to much police interference,all they had to do was let us do our thing and let it run it's time.

    I saw police taking down details of cabbies ranked up, what were they playing at.

    Traffic wardens were also interfering, telling cabbies to keep moving.

    The police tactics didn't work that well, all that they did was move the demo further along to the Palestra building in Blackfriars road and that made the traffic problems even worse.

  4. loltx. WTF are you going on about?

  5. Loltx, you are the first person to mention the RMT on this blog-site.....irony, or what???

  6. First i want it to be known i am not a member of the RMT but if it is the RMT behind it,then is it not good to finally have a union that is prepared to act

  7. loltx, are you yet another green badge running a mini cab outfit.